Author’s Note

Many years ago I attended a book reading in New York City where John Gardner and another author were presenting their latest novels.

There was a brief Q&A when the reading ended. One of the questions asked, one that you hear very often was, “where do you get the inspiration for your stories?” A woman in the audience added, “do either of you have a muse?”

I sat in the back of a crowded Barnes & Noble on Broadway and 82nd Street in Manhattan and listened to these successful authors. Neither had a muse. They didn’t believe such creatures existed.

My experience was different.

When the muse speaks, I write. When the muse whispers, a story rarely finds its ending and remains incomplete and wanting.

When the muse is strident, the imagery is overpowering and I record what unfolds, never knowing how the tale will end until the last paragraph reveals itself to me.

I do not choose what I see, the plot or narratives that lead me on. I accept the gift given, without question or judgment.

I am also a management consultant whose practice specialty is corporate planning and reorganization and have managed engagements in the United States and Europe. I have been quoted in The New York Times, Crain’s New York Business, in business journals and interviewed on New York TV News Channel 1.

I have taught at The New School University, advised The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission on organizational reform, advised Senator John McCain’s investigating committee on boxing reform and best practices, appeared as an expert witness on best practices in 1999 before State Senator Roy Goodman’s New York State Commission on Corruption in Boxing, advised the Department of Homeland Security, National Protection and Programs Directorate, Sector-Specific Agency on developing a national preparedness program for Critical Manufacturing, and lecture on leadership skills to CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

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