The Armed Forces Anthology™


The Armed Forces Anthology™


The Armed Forces Anthology will be available to those currently serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

Any active member of our armed services can participate for free.

By simply signing up with a military email address you will receive the anthology of short stories that have already been published individually in print and online journals around the country, and internationally.

The Armed Forces Anthology will be updated yearly and contain a mix of mystery, fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, magical realism, horror as well as mainstream fiction.

By making The Armed Forces Anthology available to members currently serving to defend our country and future safety I hope to contribute to their tour of duty, to their safe homecoming and healing, and demonstrate our pride and appreciation for the sacrifices they have made in body, time and spirit.

The first edition of The Armed Forces Anthology will be available in April 2018.

Reader’s reviews have described many of these tales as……


…an intellectual thriller
…a wild obscure journey
…haunting story
…brilliant, funny tale
…weaves a dark and insidious monologue
…mastery in its detail of the human condition
…keeps the voyeur’s discourse hovering on the edge of madness
…a rare read…
impossible to put down
…a surreal tale
…rich with warmth and profound truths
…it will have you laughing all the way
…delightfully dark fantasy
…a story steeped in subtlety and innuendo
…compellingly emotional and delightfully realistic
…rich with adventurous escapism and beautiful imagery
…weaves this ethereal web of intrigue
…riveting narrative about impossible possibilities
…strikingly original work
…a story of breathtaking contrast
…a powerful portrait of humanity
…fantasy tinged with Catholic mysticism
…the story is positively redemptive
…a unique writing voice
…told with grace and tenderness
…an astounding thriller
…will set your heart pounding