Editor’s Comments


Readers have generously compared these tales to work by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dashiell Hammett, Stephen King, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Raymond Carver, Isabel Allende, Rod Serling, Andre Dubus III, Joseph Conrad, H. P. Lovecraft, Alfred Hitchcock, Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway, Franz Kafka, Anton Chekhov and Edgar Allan Poe.

A few comments from editors are listed below:

Quote from the editor of a Horror magazine 2013.

“Final Comments: Freaking BRILLIANT. “The Unwelcome Guest”, is one of the most interesting and funny horror stories I’ve read while on staff. Wow! I loved your story. You had me enraptured through the whole second half. I didn’t even want to stop and edit until I’d made it to the end!

I actually laughed aloud during several parts. That’s hard to accomplish. (I have a reputation for being a stickler.) Fantastic, marvelous job!

This story was flawless! Wonderful work. It was truly a pleasure reading. Thank you so much for submitting and I highly encourage you to submit again if you ever find yourself writing horror.”

* * * * *

Quote from the editor of a Science Fiction/Fantasy magazine 2016.

Our editorial staff greatly enjoyed reading, “The Belly of the Beast.” It’s a truly engaging piece. One of our readers saw fit to describe it as having captured “everything so intriguing about Lovecraft without the overwrought prose.”

* * * * *

Quote from the editor of a Speculative Fiction magazine 2016.

I LOVED “The Chronicles of ChocolateBoy.” I totally did not see that ending coming, and you had more than one surprise in there. I thought it was a brilliantly concocted story.

* * * * *

Quote from the editor of Fabula Argentea magazine July 2017.

WHY WE CHOSE TO PUBLISH “Do Vampires Get Tooth Decay?”

We couldn’t resist the simple beauty and perfection of this story by Arthur Davis. It could easily have been titled “How to Save a Life,” but “Do Vampires Get Tooth Decay?” is perfect because it shows two levels of misdirection. First, it misdirects the reader by posing an interesting question. Although we quickly see that the story has nothing to do with vampires, we then discover that the question also misdirects the main character.

After that, unfolds the emotional and heartbreaking story of a man who believes he no longer has a reason to live… until he’s shown that he does.