Short Stories

Since 2012, over eighty original tales of mystery/crime, horror, fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, magical realism, epic adventure, slipstream as well as literary/mainstream fiction, and several dozen more as reprints, have been published in sixty magazines online and in print.

The Amsterdam Quarterly (the Netherlands) hosted their 2014 Yearbook East Coast launch party on January 17th 2015 at the Anne Frank Center in NYC. I was one of the guest authors and read from “Roy’s Desert Motel” which they published in September 2014.

The editors of The Missing Slate nominated “Roseland” which they published in October 2015, as The Story of The Month. My interview about a black couple surviving in present day gang-infested New York City was published on December 14th 2015.

Calliope, the official publication of the Writers’ Special Interest Group of American Mensa, Ltd., published “Conversation In Black” online and in print in their Spring 2014 issue and nominated it for a Pushcart Prize.

Storylandia, a quarterly, single author anthology, published two original stories and six reprints in their January 2016 issue.

Mystery Weekly Magazine, which published “In Innocence And Guilt” as the featured story in their July 1st 2016 issue, nominated it for Best American Mystery Stories 2017. It was awarded Honorable Mention.

Mystery Weekly Magazine subsequently published “The Juggler’s Brew” on June 1st 2017 and nominated it for Best American Mystery Stories 2018.

The Bookends Review which published “The Street Polisher” in 2016 and “The Koala Brothers” this year, featured my podcast interview in their January 2018 issue.

Readers have responded to the short stories with passionate, supportive commentary such as:

…an intellectual thriller…a wild obscure journey…haunting story …brilliant, funny tale…weaves a dark and insidious monologue…mastery in its detail of the human condition…keeps the voyeur’s discourse hovering on the edge of madness…a rare read…impossible to put down…a surreal tale…rich with warmth and profound truths…it will have you laughing all the way…delightfully dark fantasy…a story steeped in subtlety and innuendo…compellingly emotional and delightfully realistic…rich with adventurous escapism and beautiful imagery…weaves this ethereal web of intrigue…riveting narrative about impossible possibilities…strikingly original work…a story of breathtaking contrast…a powerful portrait of humanity…fantasy tinged with Catholic mysticism…the story is positively redemptive…a unique writing voice…told with grace and tenderness…an astounding thriller…will set your heart pounding

…in a word, spellbinding, great fiction

• • • • •

Stories are listed below with the link to the magazine in which they were published:

Fiction On The Web,, published an anthology encompassing their 21 years on February 17th 2018 which included Nursery School Expose’ available on Amazon, Nursery School Expose’ was first published on March 17th, 2013.

Danse Macabre Magazine,, published “The Street Polisher” in issue 111,, on December 30th 2017. “The Street Polisher” was first featured in The Bookends Review, October 2016.

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine,, published “Mr. Wonderful” on November 1st 2017.

The Best American Mystery Stories 2017 anthology was released October 1st 2017 and “In Innocence And Guilt” which was featured by Mystery Weekly last July, was awarded Honorable Mention.

The Bookends Review,, published “The Koala Brothers” on September 18th 2017.

Every Day Fiction,, published “Orville” on September 1st 2017.

Bracken Magazine,, published “Christine-Ann Corbin” in issue IV on August 1st 2017.

Bewildering Stories,, published “The Games of Fifth Avenue” in issue #724 on July 31st, 2017.

Fabula Argentea,, a quarterly literary journal just featured, “Do Vampires Get Tooth Decay” in their July 2017 issue. Spoiler alert, the story has nothing to do with vampires.

Eunoia Review published The Zero-Rings on June 12th 2017. The Zero-Rings was first published by eFiction/Fantasy in September 2012.…/13/the-zero-rings/

Crack The Spine featured Percy in issue #217 on June 8th 2017.

Mystery Weekly Magazine, published The Juggler’s Brew on June 1st 2017.

The Literary Hatchet published The Belly of The Beast in Issue #17, on May 6th 2017.

Euphemism Review published The Three Wishes on May 5th 2017, in Issue 2, Volume 12.

Bards And Sages Quarterly published Bathroom Battles in April 2017. , offerings/bards_and_sages_quarterly ,

Crimson Streets published A Bullet For The Bad Guys on March 5th, 2017.

The Magnolia Review published An Old Fool’s Revenge in Volume #3, Issue #1, January 2017.

Fabula Argentea published The Madman’s Dilemma on January 1st 2017. At the end of the story they mentioned why they chose it.

Dark Lane Anthologies,, published Harold Higgins, In Memoriam, in Volume #4, on December 16th, 2016. (

Hypertext Magazine published Mr. Stinkysocks on December 2nd 2016.

Allegory Magazine published Gone in Volume 30/57, Fall/Winter 2016, on November 1st 2016.

The Bookends Review published The Street Polisher on October 31st 2016. The Street Polisher was first published by The Copperfield Review in July 2015.

The American Literary Review published The Hero of Monte Alegre in their Fall 2016 issue on October 24th 2016.

Bewildering Stories published The Man Who Sold Time (Part 3 and Part 4/Conclusion) in issue #683 on September 12th 2016.

Bewildering Stories published The Man Who Sold Time (Part 1 and Part 2) in issue #682 on September 5th 2016.

Mystery Weekly Magazine,, published In Innocence And Guilt as their featured story in Issue #60, July 2016.

Per Contra published Dallas of My Dreams in Issue #40, June 2016.

Drunk Monkeys published The English Muffin Critic in June 2016.

The Literary Hatchet published Roy’s Desert Motel in Issue #14, May 2016. Roy’s Desert Motel was first published by The Amsterdam Quarterly in September 2014.

The J.J. Outre Review published Just The Girl For You in May 2016.

The J.J. Outre Review published Friends For Life in May 2016.

Eunoia Review published The Righteous Samaritan on April 25th 2016.

Riding Light Magazine,, published The Harvest in their Spring 2016 issue.

Storylandia,, a single author quarterly anthology, published eight stories including The Man From Lahr, Dining With The Devil, A Sly And Knowing Grin, The Unwelcome Guest, I Have Become The Leopard and The Cracked Goblet as reprints, and Dionaea Muscipula and Cara’s Curve as original fiction in their Winter 2016 Issue #17.

Bewildering Stories published Dunsmoor in issue #651 on January 18th 2016.

The Missing Slate published Roseland as the Story of The Week, on October 29th 2015, and nominated it as Story of The Month on December 14th 2015.

The Colored Lens published The Day Before Tomorrow in their Autumn 2015 issue.

Tales To Terrify published Dining With The Devil in issue 188 on August 28th 2015.  Dining With The Devil was first offered by Allegory Magazine in May 2013.

Eunoia Review published A. Laughlin, Killer on August 21st 2015.This is a reprint of a work originally published by Black Fox Literary Magazine in August 2013.

The Copperfield Review published The Street Polisher in Volume 14 Number 3 Summer 2015.

The Oddville Press published Strangerman in their Summer 2015 issue.

The Front Porch Review published The Last Man Out in July 2015.

Liquid Imagination published The Unwelcome Guest on May 31st 2015 in their 25th Issue. The Unwelcome Guest was originally offered by Dark Moon Digest in April 2013.

eFiction/Heater published A Belly Full of Bullets as a novel excerpt on May 15th 2015. A Belly Full of Bullets is also the title of the novel.

Euphemism published Lunchtime on May 1st 2015.

Silver Blade published The Hounds of Zegna on May 1st, in their Spring 2015 issue. This story was first offered in efiction’s Nebula/Rift issue, November 2014.

Danse Macabre,, published Jourdan’s Journey as a novel excerpt in Issue #90, on April 10th 2015. Jordan’s Journey is also the title of the novel.

Dark Moon Digest published Gizmo on April 1st 2015.

Per Contra published Something of Value in their Spring 2015 issue #35 on March 15th 2015.

Natural Bridge published Starling Schwartz in issue #32 February 5th 2015.

The Literary Yard published Blind Men of Broadway on January 31st 2015.

Dark Moon Digest published The Deathright as a first chapter novel excerpt online and in print on January 12th 2015. The Deathright, as a short story, is available in Dark Moon Digest Issue #18 on Amazon, and is also the first chapter of the novel of the same name.

eFiction/Nebula Rift,, published The Hounds of Zegna on November 24th 2014

SQMag published Book III of The Morland Basking Plain, the final chapter of this epic fantasy novella in Edition 17 on October 31st, 2014.

Menacing Hedge Magazine published The Man From Lahr on October 19th 2014.

Fiction on The Web published ‘Girls-Beautiful-Girls’ on October 19th 2014.

Fiction on The Web published Secrets of The Night on October 10th 2014.  Secrets of The Night was first offered by The Write Room in June 2012.

Amsterdam Quarterly published Roy’s Desert Motel on September 9th, 2014.

SQMagazine published Book II of The Morland Basking Plain epic fantasy novella in Edition 16, on August 31st 2014. Book III will be offered in November 2014.

Front Porch Review published The Dumpster on July 13th 2014.

Forge Journal published Fallen Angels on July 6th 2014.

SQMagazine published Book I of The Morland Basking Plain epic fantasy novella in Edition 15, on July 1st 2014. Book II appeared in August and Book III in November.

Danse Macabre,, featurted The Stonepills in June 2014.!__dm-80/

The Oddville Press,, published A Prince of Fire in May 2014.

The Serving House Journal published Angeline on April 25th 2014.  Angeline was first published in Danse Macabre Magazine in August 2012.

Calliope, the official publication of the Writers’ Special Interest Group of American Mensa, Ltd., published Conversation In Black online and in print in their Spring 2014 issue.

Tales To Terrify podcast A Sly and Knowing Grin on April 11th 2014.

Eunoia Review published In Darkness on April 11th 2014.

eFiction/UnderTheBed published The Four Walls on April 8th 2014.

Crack The Spine,, published The Wrong Word in their print, 2014 Spring Anthology, as well as online in February 2014.

Bewildering Stories,, published The Curse of The Lighthouse on March 31st 2014.

Crack The Spine,, published The Wrong Word in issue #102, on February 12th 2014.

eFiction/Heater published The Cracked Goblet in Heater Magazine in January 2014.

Fiction On The Web,, published Mr. Stinkysocks in their October 8th, 2013 issue.

Fiction On The Web,, published The Power of Life And Death on September 3rd 2013.

The Literary Yard,, published For Brunettes Only in September 2013.

Black Fox Literary Magazine,, published A. Laughlin, Killer online and in print in August 2013.

Fiction Fix,, published Enter The Gods in July 2013.

Rind Literary Magazine,, published God And Alfred Pinkins in July 2013.

Connotation Press,, published The Last Ride in June 2013 as the featured story of the month.

Allegory Magazine,, published Dining With The Devil in May 2013.

Bewildering Stories,, featured Lost and Found on April 29th 2013.

Dark Moon Digest,, published The Unwelcome Guest online and in print in April 2013.,

Fiction on The Web,, featured Nursery School Expose’ on March 17th 2013.

Crack The Spine,, offered The Red Bandanna in their February 14th 2013 issue.

Marathon Literary Review,, published The Fifth Floor in Issue #3 on January 27th 2013.

Fiction on The Web,, featured Fat Men and Flying Saucers on January 8th 2013.

eFiction,, featured The Frenchman’s Shrinking Head in December 2012.

Bewildering Stories,, featured I Have Become The Leopard in December 2012.

Apparent Magnitude,, published Bathroom Battles on November 15, 2012.

Fiction on The Web,, published Growing Tomatoes on October 16th 2012.

The Write Room,, featured John ‘Tubby’ Stover in September 2012.

eFiction/Fantasy,, published The Zero Rings in September 2012.

Danse Macabre,, featured Angeline in August 2012.!__dm-60/fictions

The Write Room,, featured Secrets of The Night in May 2012.

Danse Macabre,, published Searching For Lucian’s Echo in issue #57 in May 2012.!__dm-57/fictions

Danse Macabre,, published Mr. Stinkysocks in issue #56 March 2012.!__dm-56